Steve Piccolo + Gak Sato. martedi’ 3 maggio.

dopo l’ouverture intimista di ieri sera (grazie mille ai guaglioni di Ca’ Blasè), stasera si plana sulla citta’.

dalle 21, concerto-performance di STEVE PICCOLO e GAK SATO.

O’, via pastrengo 12 (cortile interno)

all’interno dello spazio O’ sara’ possibile anche visitare l’installazione “GRAVITY ONE fleeting vision” di Sergio Limonta.

si segnala, a poche decine di metri di distanza, un antipasto a base di videoarte allo spazio [.BOX].



Steve Piccolo is from New York, but he also lives and works in Italy. He studied at Bard College and New York University, and has been active as a musician, composer, performer and artist since 1975. He used to be a musician whose “hobby” was field recordings and sound art. Now he’s practically a sound artist and recordist whose “hobby” is music, a situation that probably reflects industrial and market dynamics more than any real change in his interests and activities. He was one of the founding members of the Lounge Lizards in New York in the late 1970s-early 1980s. He has done soundtracks for many videos by internationally acclaimed artists and many publicly and privately commissioned sound art installations. He teaches “sound design” in art academies, curates the “sound of art” pages for and writes a monthly column in the Italian magazine “InSound”.



Sound Artist, Thereminist.
born in tokyo 1969.
live and work in Milan since ’90s.

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